Genshin Impact on a shiny new PlayStation 5

Through utter kismet and some sibling kindness, I managed to score a PlayStation 5 at market price. A certain online game store sold my brother’s co-worker a bundle (which included a PS5) and someone added a normal PS5 SKU to the bundle (which again, already had one). Instead of dealing with the store about the duplicate (and being charged for it), I got the chance to buy it.

There’s a lot of editorials bouncing around right now about how much the madness around obtaining a PS5 is futile and silly. Well futile is probably something one could defend giving the…

Good guard dog
Good guard dog

I’m writing this as the ending credits of The Last Of Us 2 roll and Ellie and Joel’s duet plays on. This post will have tons and tons of spoilers so:

Spoilers for the entire story of The Last Of Us 2 follow. Do not continue reading until you have completely finished the game. This will be the only warning for the spoilers that I will be mentioning ahead and again, they are quite numerous and detailed.

You have been warned.

All good?

First I have to say that on a personal level violence against animals and especially dogs is…

When Dark Souls first came out, I was a huge fanboy. It was that game I wouldn’t stop trying to get other people to play. It was a unique and thoughtful approach to the action RPG genre — which is a genre which can definitely use some shaking up from time to time.

Fast forward to today and pretty much once I’ve read how much a game is “Souls-esque” or whatever term meant to say it’s pretty much a Dark Souls clone (I’ve also seen Soulsbourne tossed around) … I give it a pass. …

Since Star Wars ranking is a fad these days - I will give it a crack. But only after a rant and then sorting in the most complicated way ever.

All of the prequels are terrible. Ranking any of the new movies lower than them makes me wonder how long it was one has seen them. You know what the new trilogy doesn't have? A boring political subplot that results in minutes of pointless dialogue. It does not have the general racist overtones of nearly every alien portrayal. And it doesn't have an an angsty Jedi slaughtering people because of…

There is very little wrong with Need For Speed: Heat. There’s quite a bit that’s good about it.

But it leaves you with a lingering question: why isn’t it better?

Need For Speed: Heat (AKA NFS: Heat) marks the twenty fourth entry into the franchise, which dates all the way back to 1994. The racing genre has a lot of the same challenges as any that puts in the player into the seat of a vehicle and almost all of them surrounding around balancing realism with casual fun. …

Although you might want to.

It’s really hard to say. In all of my years of playing games, I don’t know if there has been a game that I played the living heck out of, enjoyed and yet am not certain I would ever recommend it to other people.

Part of the problem is that if you take the version of the game that you see in previews and trailers — it would honestly be an easy no. …

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